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If there is one thing
that humans know
they are fundamentally wrong about, it's nudity.

We are born nude.
Our ancestors have invented clothes.
Now, grooming shows you should not be wearing them at all.

Clothes and grooming
don't go together

When you start grooming, you find out that wearing anything over your skin is totally unnatural.
But when you've been grooming for a while, you understand that the clothing itself is partly responsible for the deterioration of your body.
Clothes have a double perverse effect on your skin:
•They harm it, through friction and constriction.
•They impede your taking care of it.

Clothes damage the skin

You hurt your skin just by wearing any clothing, but the consequences are worse in places where they cling to your body.
Even the loosest garments rub, chafe and irritate the epidermis. Don't forget that you're wearing them for hours.
Elastic bands, belts, bras, ... cut right through the skin and you can see the marks they leave after only a few minutes. What you don't see is the persistent folding beneath.
Shoes can be major culprits. If you feel any pain while you have them on, just imagine what is happening to your skin.

Clothes create a barrier
between you and your body

Secondly, clothes stop you from grooming.
They hamper your natural urge to go check manually what is bugging you.
When you groom regularly, you become very frustrated by their presence.
Grooming depends on responding quickly, with your nails, to any sensation emanating from your skin.

Getting dressed has a perverse effect
on our physical condition

Because humans hide their body, taking care of it loses some of its importance.
Why should you be concerned by something that you and others never see?
By not presenting your body in public, you are removing it from scrutiny and avoiding any criticism.
People feel accepted, even if they are fat or unfit, because they have nice new clothes to hide it all.
In this sense, wearing clothes has had disastrous consequences on the physical condition of our race.

What would we see
if everyone went nude?

It would be awful, pure horror.
You'd see the most hideous and unfit race of animals on the planet.
Flabby skin, untoned muscles, unshapely bodies, sickly people, ... humans are individually ugly.

What would happen
if everyone went nude?

The difference between healthy and unhealthy individuals would become evident.
I believe that only a small portion of our population is presentable.
There would be a social rush for those individuals.
They would get so much attention, they would feel harassed.
On the other side, those who rely on clothes to better their looks would experience a great loss of confidence.

Prudish behavior
and public decency

We have been raised in cultures where nudity is condemned.
Just like you, I would be offended if I saw someone nude on the street.
But we have to accept that we weren't born that way.
Young babies have no problem with nudity and often want to remove all their clothing.
Our prudish reactions were inculcated into us by our parents and surroundings.


Let me be clear, I see no over-sexualisation in the behavior of youths who are interested in sex.
I'm talking here about the over-sexualisation of our sexual organs caused by our hiding them from sight with clothing.
Humans react much too strongly when they see an attractive nude person.
In my opinion, this exaggerated response originates in our convention to conceal these organs at all times.
This secretive attitude creates a fixation that would not exist if they were publicly displayed.
Erotic clothing only compounds the problem with a teasing attitude.
The situation is worse in the case of the female breasts which are not considered as sexual organs by other primates.
Mammary glands have a function; feeding babies and they should return to this role as much as possible.
Over-sexualisation produces uncontrolled reactions and abnormal comportment in matters where respect is essential.

A need for change

Grooming will signal a change in attitude.
As more people groom, they will find the need to remove, at least part, of their clothing.
We have to admit that clothes and fashion have become exaggeratedly important in our societies.
Naturists have found a way to promote respectful behavior, I'm sure we could all go that way.

Skin is a living organ

Your skin is the largest organ you possess.
When you study it, you recognize its complexities and marvel at its properties.
Human skin has one of the best cooling systems of all mammals, but it doesn't work when wearing clothes.
Skin also needs direct sunlight to produce essential vitamin C. We resort to artificial substitutes instead.
Grooming now shows that the risk of skin cancer, due to exposure to UV rays, is removed if the skin is groomed.


In many ways,
wearing clothes is an insult to God.


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