by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

A return to nudity

In many ways,
wearing clothes is an insult to God.

On this page, the term "nudity" includes partial nudity, where the genitals and buttocks are covered.

Partial nudity is 100% OK

100% OK
in all occasions.

Wearing clothes is unhealthy

Skin is a living organ that needs to be exposed

Human skin

Human skin is not meant to be confined.

Clothes impede several vital functions

Clothes damage the skin

Wearing clothes has a perverse effect on our physical condition

Clothes create a barrier between you and your body

Clothes for protection only

If you're not wearing clothes for protection, why are you wearing them?
Vanity? To show-off? To hide your body?

Wearing clothes to beautify yourself is aggressive and vain

Wear simple, modern and non-ethnic clothing

Going towards nudity in the future

One day, most humans will consider clothes as unnatural.

Mandatory nudity?

Partial nudity, covering the genitals and buttocks;
an acceptable clothing compromise

What would we see if everyone went nude?

Prudish behavior and public decency

Clothes lead to over-sexualisation

A need for change

If there is one thing that humans know they are fundamentally wrong about,
it's nudity.

Human skin