by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

You’re not supposed to be ugly

If your facial skin wasn't so folded and neglected,  you'd be beautiful.

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Why are you ugly?

You're ugly because you haven't taken care of your skin and body.

Total inaction

Your inaction is responsible for your ugliness.

Statue overunned by weeds

Grooming your skin can restore your beauty

"Human grooming" video

The skin of your face is folded
and that's what makes you ugly

Ugly cat

Your facial traits are simply folds.

Ugly dog

The facial expressions you use the most become engraved into your face.

Most folds aren't visible,
because your skin covers them with epidermis cells

Fold in the skin filled with epidermis cells

A fold in the skin filled with epidermis cells can hardly be seen.

Folds create a global effect

Is your skin thick and inexpressive?

Folded face

The skin of this face is actually very folded.
The folds are masked by several coats of epidermis cells.

Unfolding the skin restores its beauty

Beauty is not a lottery

Beauty is healthy.
Ugliness is a lack of care.

The grace of your body complements your facial beauty

Why are some people more ugly?

Beauty as a social obligation

Treating your ugliness

Take responsibility for your ugliness

You don't want to protect, nourish or preserve your old skin

Dead epidermis cells are supposed to flake off your skin continuously.

Say goodbye to your old beautifying methods

Get informed about grooming

Plan your beautification

Do it yourself; no aestheticians, no products

Only you can groom yourself

Only you can feel the folds inside your skin
and unfold them.

Don't leave your body behind

Don't disguise; work on yourself

You're lucky!
Only primates are equipped to do the job

Staying attractive all your life

Wearing glasses is bad for your sinuses

A word to parents about glasses

Take care of what you look like

Beauty is the reward you get for grooming

Statue overunned by weeds
"Human grooming" video
Ugly cat
Ugly dog
Fold in the skin filled with epidermis cells
Folded face
Only you can groom yourself