by Daniel Laberge
Human grooming

Skin and sun exposure

There is an appalling  attitude emanating from  the  scientific community  exhorting humans to stay  away from direct sunlight.

How to expose your skin to the sun

• Expose your skin to the sun as much as you can.
• Don't apply sunscreens, lotions or creams on your skin.
• If the sun rays become too powerful; go to a shaded area.
• The more you are active, the more sunshine you can take.
• If your body is not tanned; expose it to the sun gradually.

Your skin needs the sunlight

Vitamin D

The sun is fun

Groom your skin to keep it healthy

"Human grooming" video

Differentiating tan and sunburn

Healthy sun exposure does exist

An insult to God

Melanin; the natural sun screen

Sunburn can and should be avoided

Bad examples

Distinguishing tan and sunburn

Rational sun exposure

Animals sunbathing

How to tan safely

Taking the sun vs taking shade

Seasonal tanning

Being active under the sun

Clothes and sun cream

Sunscreens deresponsibilize you

The end of skin cancer?

Skin cancer develops inside fold crossings.
Grooming them solves the problem.

Skin cancer

The theory

•Spots on your head, shoulders, back and  arms that are exposed to the sun can become  cancerous.

•These appear as moles or colored spots on  the skin and grow with time.

The facts

•Just press your nail on any of these spots and you will feel them cave in under the pressure.

•They can be removed through grooming.

•Had you groomed earlier, they never would have appeared.

A melanoma is a fold crossing

Groomed skin could not develop skin cancer

Ungroomed sunburned skin

Evolutionary obligation

"Human grooming" video