Beauty is not a human invention

"Beauty" is to your sense of sight what;
● "smelling good" is to your sense of smell,
● "being delicious", to your sense of taste,
● "harmony", to your sense of hearing, and
● "a caress", to your sense of touch.

Beauty section

What is beauty?

There was beauty on earth long before humans evolved

First flower
The first flowers appeared at least 140 million years ago.

When you look up «beauty» in an encyclopedia, you get the impression that our ancestors have invented it.
In reality, beauty existed on this planet long before we were able to appreciate it.

Natural tools and techniques to attain beauty

Of all the animals, only primates have evolved specialized tools and techniques to keep their skin healthy and beautiful.
Unfortunately, our ancestors have stopped using them millions of years ago.
The following video shows how human grooming is the natural way to take care of your skin.

Human grooming rediscovered - Video
A complete overview of grooming techniques.

Trying to define beauty

Humans have been trying to define beauty for a long time.
Some have tried to explain it as mathematical proportions, searching for what were called the «canons» of beauty.
Most definitions associate beauty with «harmony of form and color» and with «pleasing the eye».
We can distinguish two types of beauty in nature:
• The beauty of lifeless objects; such as sunsets, seasides, full moons, ...
• The beauty of living organisms; found in plants and animals.

When you see living beauty, you see health

A beautiful flower is also a healthy flower.
At the market, you choose the best looking fruits and vegetables.
For you, their good appearance indicates their healthy condition.
When you observe animals, those who are healthy tend to be more beautiful, while those who are ill present characteristics that make them less appealing to us.
A beautiful squirrel is also a healthy squirrel.
Fat is unfit and ugly.

Folds in the face are key to ugliness

What people call "facial features" are simply folds in the skin of the face.
Humans start out as cute kids and become increasingly ugly all their lives.
That's because their facial folds multiply and deepen continuously.
Big or crooked noses, bags beneath the eyes, crow's feet, withered skin and enlarged traits are all caused by cutaneous folds.
All these folds can first be reduced in size, then removed completely by using grooming techniques.
This way, individuals can get rid of the traits that make them ugly and reach their true beauty potential.

Beauty is the basis of attraction

Beauty is a visual phenomenon.
It can only be appreciated by animals with a sense of sight.
Its goal is to attract, and it doesn't go unnoticed.
Beauty provokes a strong reaction in those who see it.
Beauty will distract and grab the beholder's attention.
It impacts the mind so greatly that it will be remembered for a long time.

Beauty creates excitement and desire in humans

Beauty deals with seduction, attraction and desire, it plays a big role in courtship.
The more beautiful the person of the opposite sex is, the greater the excitement.
This agitation is not only mental.
Beauty stimulates your hormones and glands, and causes several physical reactions to take place.
You're not always aware of them.
The initial attraction transforms itself rapidly into desire.
If the person is very beautiful, the desire can impact the beholder's mind for a lifetime.

Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder

Some would like us to believe that appreciating beauty is a question of time.
They say that because they know ugly people, and they don't find them so unappealing anymore.
They know these persons well and they've grown accustomed to their features.
They may even find their hideousness attractive.

Other people will say that your appreciation of beauty depends on your cultural origins; but in our globalized world, I don't think this holds true anymore.

Some will argue that beauty is a matter of personal taste, and that one person may be repelled by what others call beauty.

Yes, personal taste exist, but you can be sure that when a beautiful person and an ugly one walk down the street; they are living in two different worlds, because of the way the people they meet react to them.

Beauty has a bad reputation

Since beauty seems unattainable to many people, they badmouth it.
They deny its existence and pretend that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Judging others upon their looks is considered wrong.
Ugly individuals, unable to better their state, will often give up or invent some hideous style.
They claim that beauty standards are an invention of the fashion and cosmetics industries and of the medias.
The lobby of ugly people is at war with beauty.
The fashion industry, in an effort to be more politically correct, is now hiring ugly models to present its products.

Humans evolving towards beauty

To depict a more complete picture, we must consider the development of beauty in humans over millions of years.
If you study its evolution from our chimpanzee-like ancestors to modern-day humans; the results are fascinating.
As a species, we have beautified continuously and we still are.
Our appreciation of beauty has also progressed greatly.
However, even if humans are born more beautiful than ever, they become ugly with age just as much as their ancestors did.
That's because they don't take care of their beauty.
But, grooming is coming to the rescue.

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