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Is  "wanting to be beautiful"  vain?
It depends.

Defining vanity

Vanity can be defined this way:

An excessive pride
in one's appearance or accomplishments.

Additionally, vanity is often associated with:

pointlessness,  futility,  worthlessness, ...

Vain or artificial?

Being proud of your appearance is normal, mostly when you've put some time and effort to attain your present state of beauty.
But, your quest should concentrate on your physical body and mind, not on accessories and cover-ups.
Your looks should not be obtained through artificial means.
Don't try to achieve beauty through:

•Wearing clothes
•Accessories: hats, sunglasses, ...
•Artificial creams and products
•Plastic surgery
•Cosmetic injections
•Body building
•Tattooing and piercing
•Nail polish and lipstick

If you use these artificial shortcuts to beauty; you're not only vain, you're a fake.
Beauty is natural, and you should concentrate your efforts on your body instead.

Vanity and clothes

Clothes are a great human invention when they are worn to protect oneself against the elements.
It's a very different situation when they are used to embellish or to hide the body.
I can understand why people try to dissimulate an ugly body with beautiful clothes.
However, I don't think this way of acting is fair, nor logical, nor ethical.
Work on yourself instead.
Be proud of your body, not the junk you put over it.

Excessive or overly positive pride

We've all met people who seem to think they've been selected by the mirror on the wall as being the fairest of them all.
They often make an unduly favorable estimation of their looks, abilities or worth.
That's vanity for sure.
We can also imagine how some people can waste hours every day trying to beautify themselves in some way or another.
That's vanity, sometimes.

Personal care for social acceptance

Primates spend hours, every day, grooming themselves and others.
Being watchful of one's appearance is at the basis of social living.
Some daily activities, such as taking a bath or a shower, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, ... cannot be considered as vain.
In fact, personal hygiene is an essential part of living in society and people who are too careless about themselves are rejected.
Individuals who take care of their appearance are better accepted by others. They attract more mates.

Add grooming to your list

Humans have stopped grooming, possibly a few million years ago.
This way, they've freed up one or two hours every day for other activities.
But the consequences of this decision on their beauty, well-being and aging are disastrous.

Now, grooming is back.
The time has come for us all to return to this natural activity.
Yet, many people will struggle when they try to include long and tedious grooming sessions into their busy schedules.

Grooming is not vain

Taking care of what God has given you surely isn't vain.
You will have to revise your standards, as to what is vain and what is not, if you want integrate grooming into your life.
You will find that your skin is in such bad condition that only frequent and long-time treatments can cure it.
Grooming certainly takes time, but you are well rewarded for your efforts by public acceptance and pain-free well-being.
When someone is in pain and grooms for hours to find relief, no one can consider these actions as vain.
Grooming is a natural method of caring for your body that results in real well-being and beauty.


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